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What kind of house painting ideas are good for home improvement? If we want to buy a more suitable paint, then we need to find a type of paint that according to our own needs. In general, the type of paint from domestic brands and imported brands are not much different.

Nowadays, people are more demanding for environmental protection. They are now looking for more greener, healthier and environmental protection type of paint in order for house renovation.

What kind of paint is more environmentally friendly?
The first criterion refers to the total organic volatilization (VOC) of paint: organic volatiles pose a direct hazard to the environment around us, to the society we live in, and to humans themselves.

The second criterion is the toxicity of the solvent: that is, those solvents that are in direct contact with the human body or that may cause disease after inhalation. Toxic solvents can cause direct harm to production and construction personnel.

What kind of paint is good for home improvement?
For branded imported paint such as Dulux and Nippon are relatively large usage in the market, and their reputation is relatively good. The price is not too high and their quality is better. So the choice of imported brands is more trustworthy.

There are three kinds of interior wall coatings, low-grade water-soluble paints, latex paints and colorful paints. The best ones are latex paints. How to correctly identify latex paints?

After opening the lid, the truly environmentally friendly latex paint should be water-based, non-toxic and tasteless, with odorless.

After a period of time, the surface of the original latex paint will form a thick and elastic oxide film, which is not easy to crack, and the defective product will only form a very thin film, which is brittle and has a spicy odor.

Mix the latex paint with a wooden stick and pick it with a wooden stick. When the high-quality latex paint flows down, it will form a fan shape. Touch with your fingers, the authentic latex paint should feel smooth and delicate.

Brush a little paint onto the cement wall. After the coating is dry, scrub it with a damp cloth. The real latex paint is very scrub resistant. One or two hundred rubs will not have a significant effect on the appearance of the coating. However, the low-grade water-soluble paint will easily become powder and fading after few times of rubbing on paint surface.

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Yes, we do provide touch up painting services. We accept all type of painting services job irregardless the job scope is small or big.

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The duration for residential house painting services depends on the size of your house and area to paint. For a standard double storey intermediate link house, we can complete to paint interior and exterior of your house within 1 week, provided weather condition is good.

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