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If you doesn’t like the colour of the your wooden door at home, you can just change it and choose from different door painting colour available from the colour catalogue.

There are many types of wooden doors, and many door surface are not painted. The original wooden door can be painted separately, but the effect by hand brush is far from the factory’s spray painting result in the clean room.

The correct way to change the color of the wooden door at home should be:
1. Pre-dusting. First of all, the surface of the wood should be polished and smoothed, and the floating ash should be treated. When cleaning, a special dust-removing cloth can be used and a large area can be repeatedly vacuumed by a vacuum cleaner.

2. Depending on the wood material and understand the wood material. If it is hard wood (such as teak, eucalyptus, Bengals) should be used with caution putty, foaming water, etc. to avoid discoloration and affect adhesion. For hard wood, if you want to get good results, you can directly paint. If you need to fill the gap, it is recommended to use paint and fine wood powder to mix and fill evenly. If it is general wood, if you need to use transparent putty as the substrate, you must first use the scraper to evenly applied to the entire base layer. It should be thin and not thick. After drying, the grinding should be uniform and the excess transparent putty attached to the surface of the wood should be thoroughly polished to avoid lacquering.

3. Painting preparation. The environment and painting tools must be cleaned when painting, and the painter should wear clean overalls and a clean work cap.

4. The paint coating. The paint should be thin and not thick, and can be carried out in a thin layer. When doing multi-layer coating construction, each painting should be applied after the lower layer is dry and polished.

The above steps sound simple but if you have no basic skill to handle it, you will end up very messy and the result might not up to your expectation. Before you proceed to do it yourself, give us a try and contact us for FREE consultations and our consultants will be able to advise you with door painting colour with no obligation.


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Yes, we do provide touch up painting services. We accept all type of painting services job irregardless the job scope is small or big.

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The duration for residential house painting services depends on the size of your house and area to paint. For a standard double storey intermediate link house, we can complete to paint interior and exterior of your house within 1 week, provided weather condition is good.

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