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After install wallpaper for long time, the wallpaper will appear to change colour or even fall off which greatly affects the beauty of the home wall. Therefore, if you want to renovate the wall, you must first remove the original wallpaper. I believe those who have experienced for wallpaper removal can understanding that the removal of wallpaper is really a very difficult job.

Here are some of the guidelines on how to properly remove your wallpaper:

  1. Find a large plastic sheet or canvas and spread it on the floor to protect the floor from getting dirty.
  2. Find a tool that can make some small holes on the wallpaper. If you can’t find any such tool, then you can Do-It-Yourself the tool by nailing a few small nails on the wooden stick. Try to make the holes a little dense as possible.
  3. Put on safety glasses and rubber gloves if possible for safety reason. Get ready a small bucket and pour with some glue cleaner and brush them on the wall with a roller brush.
  4. Use a wallpaper scraper to peel off the old wallpaper from the wall, but be patient.
  5. Use a wet sponge to completely remove the remaining glue.

The other method of removing old wallpapers:

  1. Find a corner and tear from it. The upper surface is usually made of vinyl and should be easily torn off. Sometime you will encountered that the upper wallpaper surface is peeled off, and the lower layer of the wallpaper is still on the wall. If this issue happened, find another corner and tear it again.
  2. Soak the wallpaper surface few minutes with water. You can apply with warm water with a sponge or a roller brush. This will help us easily remove the old wallpaper from the wall.
  3. Remove any lower layer wallpaper from wall and tear it off. Use the putty knife or scraper to scratch the wall area to remove any remaining or left over wallpaper.

If you don’t want to get your hand dirty and want to have a hassle free experience then we will advise you to contact a professional wallpaper installer like us to remove the wallpaper for you.

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The duration for residential house painting services depends on the size of your house and area to paint. For a standard double storey intermediate link house, we can complete to paint interior and exterior of your house within 1 week, provided weather condition is good.

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