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A lot of homeowner feel headache and frustration when painting their house. This is because some inexperienced painter will not do a proper preparation work to protect floor, door and furniture. The paint will very likely dipping on the floor, doors and floor. So you will spend time to wipe away the paint stains from door, concrete floor, tile, furnitures and etc. So ideally, you should cover all these area with plastic before start doing the painting job.

Paint stains removal tips?
It is easy to remove the paint stains when the paint just drip on the concrete floor. If the paint stains already dry for long, then it is difficult and take time to remove the stains. The type of method to remove paint stains depends on the type of paint. If water based paint stains, you can just use putty knife to scrape away the paint stains and then wipe off with damp rag or little water on rag.

If it is oil paint stains, the best and more effective paint stains removal is using paint thinner. Just apply a small amount of thinner on a soft cloth and rub or wipe it throughly on the floor with paint stains and the stains should come up easily.

We will always leave your house clean without any paint stains and enjoy new look of your house hassle free. This is because we are professional painting services company who care and know how important of preparation works before painting by covering floors, tiles, carpet, furnitures and etc.

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“I really like their painting service as they understand our needs very well. Our house is free of paint stains and I don’t need hire cleaning company to do paint stains removal. Because they will do full protection for our furnitures, floor, carpet and etc and. Great job! ”, Mae


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Frequently Ask Questions

Do you provide paint stains removal service?

We will do a full protection for your hour items, floor and etc from paint. In case paint get splashed on floors, we will fully responsible to provide paint stains removal service. Rest assured that we are keen on making your experience hassle-free.

What should I do to prepare my house before painting start?

You can engage our service to help you to do a full protection of all your furnitures, floor and etc by covering with plastic wrap or masking tape. We also help to move the big items or furnitures during and after the painting job so that you have a hassle free experience. Contact us for FREE quotation now.

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